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I need some people to bang on this thing and try to break it.

I can't take your money until I get the major bugs worked out,

But I can't afford be flooded with billions of users yet either.

So instead of doing the whole invite, waiting list routine:

Buy my pal's record on Bandcamp,
forward the receipt to me
and you'll instantly get full access to this thing forever.

This is a limited time Festivus thing. When I get enough beta testers I'm turning it off so if you're interested jump on it.

Update: The current situation is the site seems to be able to handle the load so I extended the preview to 30 days but I'm reserving the right to turn off new registrations at any time in case I get clobbered or there's some kind of meltdown. So I'm keeping this going for a little bit longer which means if you're seeing this the offer is still good.

Here's the link

Any format is fine but digital means fewer trips to the post office.

You must be logged into Bandcamp with your email address when you buy it!

Click here if you need to change your email address on to match the one you're registered on Bandcamp with

When you get the receipt forward it (from ! Important!) to:

You should get a confirmation in two minutes and your Account page should say the trial expires in 100 years.

If something goes wrong let me know and I'll get it fixed.